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  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: Can I Install iKeyMonitor on Non-jailbroken Devices?
    Answer: iKeyMonitor works on both Non-Jailbroken and Jailbroken iOS devices.For NO-Jailbreak Monitoring without installing Any App, you need:1. iCloud ID and password of the target device2. ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: Is iKeyMonitor Invisible?
    Answer: The monitoring software stays 100% hidden. The User won't find it or notice it. ...
  • General Sales and Orders: Can I Use a License on Multiple Devices?
    Answer: 1 License can be used on 1 Device, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets when installing iKeyMonitor App on the target devices. License can be transferred ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: Can iKeyMonitor be Installed without Entry Code?
    Answer: No. You need to unlock the target device (jailbroken iOS and Android) in order to physically install iKeyMonitor on it. Thus, you need to figure ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: Can I track the phone by its number?
    Answer: No. We do not provide monitoring by the phone or IMEI number.  Learn more here: http://faq.ikeymonitor.com/content/2/36/en/do-you-need-position-of-the-target-device-physical-access-to-install-software.html To protect your device from being stolen or lost in the ...

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