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  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: Does iKeyMonitor Monitor Facebook?
    Answer: Yes, iKeyMonitor installed on jailbroken iOS or Android monitors both sides messages(sent and received) of Facebook Messenger. Besides, iKeyMonitor for jailbroken iOS monitors voice messages ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to monitor Wechat/QQ/KakaoTalk/Snapchat/LinkedIn?
    Answer: iKeyMonitor monitors both sides messages (sent and received) of WhatsApp / Skype / Viber/ Kik / Hangouts / Facebook / Line ((iOS only)). Besides, it ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to Root my Android Phone?
    Answer: The following features require Rooting of the Android Phone to work: a. Capturing screenshotsb. WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook Logging (both sides)c. Converting iKeyMonitor to System App for better security Learn ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to install iKeyMonitor on Android phone or tablet
    Answer: Step 1: Check your target device Android OS version to ensure compatibility Compatibility: Devices running Android OS 2.3.x – 7.x. Non-Rooted Android devices do not support ...

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