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  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to Hide Jailbreak Info (Cydia Icon)
    Answer: To do this, please open Safari, enter http://localhost:8888 to access iKeyMonitor and follow the steps below to hide the Cydia icon: Enter "Settings" – "Advance Settings" ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to Unhide Cydia after Free Trial Expires?
    Answer: If you want to continue using iKeyMonitor after free trial, please purchase a license key to register iKeyMonitor. And follow steps below to unhide Cydia ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to Fix the Crash or Safe Mode Issue?
    Answer: If the iPhone/iPad/iPod occasionally reboots or goes to Safe Mode by itself, it indicates that the system encounters a crash. If the crash only happens ...
  • iKeyMonitor Usage FAQs: How to install iKeyMonitor on Android phone or tablet
    Answer: Step 1: Check your target device Android OS version to ensure compatibility Compatibility: Devices running Android OS 2.3.x – 7.x. Non-Rooted Android devices do not support ...

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