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What's Your Renewal Policy? Is There a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Fee?

No, there is no monthly, quarterly or annual fee unless the "Auto-renewal" is selected when you place an order.

We offer 1-month, 3-month and 12-month licenses as a start. iKeyMonitor can be used without additional fee within the subscription length.

iKeyMonitor will stop working and stay invisible after usage time is over even if the license is not extended. This can be avoided by selecting "Auto-renewal" when you place the order or manually renew the license in the online Cloud panel License section (select "Renew" from the drop-down list of Manage License option and click "Continue" to complete the order).


  • After successful renewal, iKeyMonitor will automatically continue working when your first subscription ends.
  • You do not need to access the target device again to reactivate iKeyMonitor with your license code.
  • All the settings of iKeyMonitor will keep the same and there is no need to re-configure them.
  • For lifetime or volume license, please Contact Us for quotation.
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