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How to Unhide Cydia after Free Trial Expires?

If you want to continue using iKeyMonitor after free trial, please purchase a license key to register iKeyMonitor. And follow steps below to unhide Cydia icon:

  1. Navigate to Safari and enter "http://localhost:8888" to access the keylogger.
  2. Touch "Settings" - "Advance Settings" and uncheck the option "Hide Jailbreak Info(Cydia)" .
  3. Tap on "Save Settings" and the Cydia icon will appear on your device again.

If the Cydia icon doesn't show up, please restart Springboard or reboot the device and check again.

If you do not want to use iKeyMonitor any more, please follow this guide:

  1. Open Safari and enter "Cydia://" in address bar to open Cydia.
  2. Remove iKeyMonitor from the device.
  3. After removing iKeyMonitor, Cydia icon will appear on the device screen again.
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