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How to install iKeyMonitor on Android phone or tablet

Step 1: Check your target device Android OS version to ensure compatibility

Compatibility: Devices running Android OS 2.3.x – 7.x. Non-Rooted Android devices do not support the following features:

  • Capturing screenshots
  • WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook Logging (both sides)
  • Converting iKeyMonitor to System App for better security

If you want to enable above features, please root the Android device first. How to tell if your target Android device has been rooted? Just install iKeyMonitor and see if these features work.

Please go to go to Settings - About Device or About Phone, scroll down the menu screen to locate Android Version. Or visit this page directly on the Android device.

Step 2: Download iKeyMonitor APK file and complete installation

What's an APK file?

APK (application package files) are a compressed single-file package of an Android app. The APK must be executed once (by tapping on the file) for the application to be installed and able to run on the Android device.

Download iKeyMonitor APK: Open a web browser on the target device and download .apk installer from online Cloud panel Download - iKeyMonitor-Android (full version) or go to free download page to get 24-hour free trial first.

Method 1: Download iKeyMonitor APK installer directly on target Android device

Allow application installs from "unknown sources"

  1. You need to let your phone install APK files from all sources instead of only from Google Play.
    • Android 2.x: Go to Settings > Applications > tick "Unknown sources"
    • Android 4.x: Go to Settings > Security > tick "Unknown sources"

    Allow Unknown Resources
  2. Tap on the "Download" icon in your application list to access the latest downloads, then tap on the downloaded iKeyMonitor APK file and choose "Install" to finish the installation.
    Install iKeyMonitor

Notice: You can also use a File Manager to find the downloaded APK and open it to install. Eg: ES File Manager

Method 2: Download iKeyMonitor APK installer on a Computer then Copy to Android device

  1. Download iKeyMonitor installer onto your computer
  2. Copy iKeyMonitor.apk installer from Computer to target Android.
  3. Launch file manager on target device, eg: ES File Manager, locate your Download folder (or wherever you saved your APK) and tap on it to install it.
    Enable USB Storage

Notice: On Android 2.x you might have to select "Turn On USB Storage" to be able to copy the APK from your PC to your Android device. You can access it in the notification area in the top of your home screen when your phone is connected to your PC.
Enable USB Storage

Step 3: Access iKeyMonitor

After installation, dial the PIN (default #8888*) in the dial-pad to open iKeyMonitor and configure it. (Other methods to access iKeyMonitor, please learn more in online cloud panel)

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