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Pause License

Sometimes you may not be able to install iKeyMonitor temporarily and you don't want to lose the usage time in this time period.

In this situation, you can "Pause License" to retain usage time.

Pausing license is a service to pause the countdown of license usage time.

Some common situations when users would pause the license:

  1. Temporarily have no access to the target device to physically install/register iKeyMonitor.
  2. Temporarily no jailbreak for your iOS device available.
  3. Buy iKeyMonitor as a gift
  4. Don't want to use it in a time period. (Eg. Always pause the license and activate it only on travel for anti-theft)


How to pause the license?

Please login online Cloud panel, go to License section, select "Paused" from the drop-list after your license.


  • You can pause the license and reactive it later in online Cloud panel whenever you want.
  • When the license is paused, the license will be revoked on your devices and iKeyMonitor will turn to unregistered version.
  • To reactivate the license, please go to Cloud License section and select "Active" from the drop list instead.


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