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How to monitor Wechat/QQ/KakaoTalk/Snapchat/LinkedIn?

iKeyMonitor monitors both sides messages (sent and received) of WhatsApp / Skype / Viber/ Kik / Hangouts / Facebook / Line ((iOS only)). Besides, it captures screenshots for Wechat, QQ, Instagram, Snapchat, Mail (iOS), Gmail (Android) on touch actions.

For other apps like KakaoTalk, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Telegram, Hike and IMO, iKeyMonitor monitors only the sent messages with the keylogging feature.

To get all activities of other apps recorded, you can enable the alert words feature of iKeyMonitor Online which takes screenshots when specific app opened. Please follow the steps below:

1. Login Cloud panel, go to Settings - Alert Words.
2. Click "+ Add" to add alert words.
    Enter the name of the app you want to monitor as alert words.
3. Go to Recorded data - Alert Words to view screenshots captured for the Alert Words.

Learn more here: http://users.awosoft.com/how-to-monitor-certain-apps-with-ikeymonitor.html

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