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Fail to Receive Logs

We recommend free Gmail which supports SMTP, use it just as SMTP server to send the logs. Register one here: http://gmail.com

Please make sure you checked "Send Email every xx minutes" and the settings are correct:

>>>>Send to = your email address
>>>>SMTP Server = smtp.gmail.com
>>>>Username = your Gmail address
>>>>Password = your Gmail password
>>>>SSL/TLS = yes

After configuration, please touch "Save Settings" and tap on "Test Email" button to send test email. Please wait patiently to see if you can send the test email successfully.

If you use an older version than iKeyMonitor v3.0.0, please update iKeyMonitor to the latest one.


  • Please set the email interval as more than 20 minutes or your email may be suspended by the email service provider for "spamming".
  • If the screen of the target device is locked or the device goes into idle/standby mode, the email will not be sent due to no Internet.
  • You can use FTP to receive logs or Online Cloud Panel if Email doesn't work on the target iOS devices. Have no FTP account? Purchase one Here!
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