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Registration Failure with Errors

When you failed to register iKeyMonitor with your registration code,  the following tips will help you out.

Error message "Invalid Key":

  • Please make sure all the registration code characters are in lower case. There is no capital letter in the registration code.
  • Please don't mistake letters with numbers, e.g.: "O" for "0 (zero)" or "I" for "1 (one)". If you are not sure, please try some more times.
  • Please check if there are extra spaces added  to the registration code by mistake. No space is allowed when you type in license key.
  • Please check if there is "simply input some numbers (1234567)" message under the registration box. If there is, please uninstall iKeyMonitor from Cydia. Then tap on "Search", enter "iKeyMonitor", make sure to select the one from "BigBoss" and install it.

Error message: "Connection Error":

  1. Please make sure the device has Internet connection when register iKeyMonitor.
  2. Please don't let the device go into screen-lock during the registration.
  3. Please check if there is firewall or security apps that block the connection. 

Any further problem please Contact Us for help!

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